This is may be due to how the Tracker calculates opens.

To calculate opens, we have the include a 1 pixel x 1 pixel blank image in the message which is requested from our servers dynamically. When the image is requested (i.e. loaded), we know where it is coming from. Every time the image is requested, the “open count” is increased by 1 for that recipient of that order.

There are a few things that can impact this:

• If the recipient loads the text-only version of the email (older versions of Blackberry, and a few other email clients), they won’t load the image, so we can’t accurately display that it was opened.

• Second, if they block all images, we can’t know if it was opened. This typically happens if the recipient's spam filter does not recognize the sender. 

This is why "View in browser" link is handy. If they are having their images blocked, they can click on the link and open those emails in their internet browser. This will register as a "click" and an "open."

• Lastly, the open count can be very high (even inadvertently), if they are clicking through their emails and just happen to load that email into a preview pane over and over again. A forwarded email can also register an additional open, but Outstand does not have a way of tracking a forward. 

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