1. From your account on your computer, first create and send the message as you normally would. 

(A text message can't be generated in the app until an email is sent to a recipient from your Outstand account or Campaign Manager.)

Once the email is sent, it will be viewable in the “Messages” screen on the Outstand mobile app.

The Messages area of the mobile app is the same as your Tracker. View Opens, Clicks, Bounces, and Opt-Out metrics.

In this example, we'll tap on the message for Jack Thompson in order to re-send him the “Way to go team!” email via text message.

2. Tap the Yellow bar to view the list of Unopens

A text can also be sent to a contact whose email bounced by tapping the Orange bar. If their email address is invalid, re-sending the email via text is a great option to get your message read!

3. Locate the recipient you wish to text.

A text can be sent to a contact by clicking the “Send Text Link” button under their name and email address. A menu will display options to:

  • ‍Text the Link  - This will open the iMessage App to send your text.

  • ‍Email the Link - This will open the default email app on your iPhone.

  • ‍Copy Link to Clipboard - In case a cell number is not available, the link can be sent via Facebook Messenger or LinkedIn Message, etc.

Some things to keep in mind when sending an email via text:

  • A cell phone number for the contact will either need to be saved in your Outstand address book or your iPhone address book.

  • This is not a mass-texting feature. For tracking purposes, only a single text can be sent to a single recipient at a time.

  • For iPad use, the text feature can only be used to send to other iMessage (i.e., Apple) users.

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