We're so sorry if you're experiencing crashes in Over! 😢

We never want that to happen, and we know how frustrating it can be. We'd love to jump in to help figure it out, and having the below information from you will be a huge help! Thanks in advance for your help and patience here, we really appreciate it! 

First Things to Check 

  1. The latest app version – have you updated to the latest version of Over in the Play Store, and if not, does updating help? 
  2. What device and model are you using?
  3. What email have you used to create your account in Over?

Going a Bit Deeper

  1. Canvas size – are the canvas settings in your project quite large, and if yes, does making the canvas smaller help? (You can find this information by tapping the 'layers' icon, the one that looks like a stack of three papers, then scrolling to the 'bottom' layer.) 
  2. Image size – is the image in your project quite large, and if yes, does using a smaller image help? 

If You Still Have Trouble

  1. Contact the Customer Success team from within the app by tapping the question mark at the top right of your screen to open the Support Center FAQs, and then tapping "contact us" will open up an email option.
  2. Or shoot an email to helloandroid@overhq.com

When contacting us, please include the following information: 

  1. The app version (i.e., Over 2.0.29). 
  2. Your device type (i.e., Samsung Galaxy 6). 
  3. The details surrounding the crash, including: Is there any specific action that causes the trouble – perhaps a specific feature (i.e., scrolling through the template feed)? 

We want to help. The above information will hopefully help us get you an answer more quickly. And we will get back to you. 💞

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