Trying to Log In (login) to Over but can't remember your password and not getting the "Reset Password" email? You've come to the right place!

We're so sorry for this confusion, this new (with Over 5.0) Sign Up / Log In page is only to gain access to our new feature, Circles so, even if you've had Over in the past you wouldn't have created an account for this feature just yet. 

As such, we would recommend tapping the "SIGN UP" tab and entering your email address, name and create a password for this. Or going through Facebook if you prefer that option. You shouldn't lose any previously created projects or collected items through this process. However, please do reach out to if it seems like something is missing (or if this isn't the issue you're having) and we'll swoop in to help get it back 😄

Once you've created your Circles account we hope you enjoy the new world of collaboration in Over! 

Over on multiple devices

Signing up, and logging in, with the same Circles account details across your different devices ensures projects added to a Circle on one, will also appear on the other. This is a great way to Sync projects across your devices and to know all designs saved to Circles are now also safely stored somewhere other than just on your device :)

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