Circles is our latest feature where you can collect and create with friends, family, cousins, cousins of cousins twice removed or even clients and colleagues. 

You can create as many Circles as you like and invite as many people as you want – who can all add projects and templates or edit each others. 

What is a "Circle"?

Another way to think of Circles is as "groups" you can create with multiple users - spaces where you can see other people's designs, edit them or add your own.

You can also have Circles where you're the only user, it won't be lonely with all the beautiful content you'll add. Promise! This is a great place to sort and store templates for example. Create a Circle called "birthdays" and add all birthday-related templates here for future use, nice and easy! 

Previously collected templates

Don’t panic if you don’t see your collections, we’ve moved all those goodies to your very own Circle (with your first name). 

We hope you enjoy creating in Circles - it’s like a party in Over and all your friends are invited!

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