We're so excited to offer our iOS Over Pro subscribers the option to export designs as a PDF 🎉This will help you print your projects at the highest quality - it's a Printer's favorite! (Coming soon to Android)

  1. From the desired Project that you wish to save as PDF : Tap Export > Export Settings > PDF 

2. Once you have selected your Settings to PDF in the Export Settings menu, tap 'Done'.

3. Then tap on Save, where you'll be asked to select a location for your PDF. 

Where can I save my PDFs?

iCloud and Dropbox (or any other simpler service) are a great go-to for saving projects in PDF format. You can also 'save to files' on your iOS device, or just send it straight to print, or as a Message or Mail 💌

Importing and editing

Some applications import PDFs with layered design elements intact. Editing them in other applications, however, can be tricky. Make sure the fonts are installed, and be careful with tools such as filters, blend modes, and masks.

Printing from Over

Printing does have some limitations. That said, here are a few tips:

1. Get the right print resolution by multiplying your desired size in mm by 12 OR your desired size in inches by 300. For example, to get an A4 size in pixels:

  • Millimeters: 210 × 297 x 12 = 2520px x 3564px
  • Inches: 8.27 × 11.69 x 300 = 2481px x 3507px

2. The biggest size a project can be in Over is 8127px, so we don’t advise printing anything larger than A3.

3. Low-res images or graphics won’t print well. Make sure images you’re bringing into the app are as high quality as the print you expect to see. The good news is that our fonts and shapes will always look pixel perfect.

Print templates

To make things extra easy for you, we’ve created a few standard PDF printing sizes as templates. Simply save these to a folder if you’d like to keep for later (just a note: make sure you're in the app when opening these links for them to work):

Enjoy! 🎉

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