It's quick and easy to add multiple layers to your design in Over!

Following the below steps will get you to being a layer-guru in no time ✨

  1. In your project canvas, tap 'Image' at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Select and edit your image. 
  3. Tap the yellow check mark. √ to save.
  4. Tap 'Text' or ‘Image’ again to add a second layer to your canvas, tapping the yellow checkmark to save the progress.

Moving & Deleting Layers:
Letting you edit each design element separately 

  1. In your project canvas in Over, tap the “Layers” icon at the top of the screen - it looks like 3 sheets of paper
  2. Then, in the layers drop-down that appears, you can move layers up or down, or delete them.
  3. Pressing on the 3 horizontal lines to the right of a layer will let you move it up or down in the layer oder.
  4. Tapping the trash can icon to the left of the layer will delete it from your project.
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