Add a background color to your canvas:

  1. In Over, tap the yellow "+" at the bottom middle of the screen.
  2. From here, you'll see the following screen presenting you with different project-start options: (Layouts are coming soon to Android)

3. Assuming you want to create a custom canvas, start by scrolling to your right on the first row where you can see the circles.

4. You can pick from transparent, black or white to start with. Let's start with transparent for now.

5. Pick your custom canvas size from the options in the scroll bar below (or input your own measurements in pixels by tapping on the numbers above) and tap on the yellow tick to save your canvas. 

6. Then tap on your background and then 'Edit'. You'll be taken to a new screen with two options below - Canvas and Background.

7. Tap on Background, then tap on Color to turn your color 'ON'

8. From here you can use the color tool to set your preferred background color 🎉 

9. Add your graphics, and voila! Your masterpiece is done!

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