Access the Font Manager & Library in Over

  1. While you’re working on a project, tap ‘Text’ to add your text, and tap the yellow check at the top of your screen to save it.
  2. Then swipe to ‘Font’ in the tool belt at the bottom of your screen.

3. Tap the upward facing chevron ^ in ‘Font’. 

4. Voila! The Font Manager showing the Library screen.   

Rearranging Fonts

  1. Tap "Downloaded" in the Font Manager to bring up the fonts you currently have downloaded to your device in Over. 

2. Tap "edit" at the top right of this screen to delete, rearrange and move the fonts as you wish. 

3. Hard-press on the 3 lines next to the font name to drag them to where you'd like them ordered in the tool belt in your project canvas.

4. Tap the red circle, to the left of the font, to delete it from your library and device.

Installing Your Own Fonts (Pro and Teams subscribers)

As an Over Pro or Teams subscriber, this is easier than ever before! 

Simply swipe to "Custom" to add your font files straight from within Over!

Now you're all set, why not try a design with a new font today? 😍

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