The Text Boundary Box

The text boundary box is an invisible 'outline' that dictates, for example, whether the text stretches the entire length of the canvas, or, is instead very narrow. 

Change the Size of the Text Boundary Box

Follow these steps to change the size of the text boundary box: 

  1. In your project canvas, tap 'Text' at the bottom of your screen 
  2. Add your text and tap the yellow check mark to save it to your canvas
  3. Tap the text layer on the canvas again to select it
  4. Note the two outward facing arrows that appear at the bottom of the box 
  5. Press-and-hold-and-drag the arrows to the left or right to modify the text boundary box. Pressing on the arrow facing left will make the box more narrow, while pressing on the one facing right will make it wider

Making Vertical Text

If you want to make your text appear more vertical than horizontal, you can simply modify the text boundary box in such a way that the letters appear as though they're stacked on top of one another. Pressing the arrow facing left will let you do this.


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