Over can support high quality printing. We do have a few caveats and suggestions: 

  1. Depending on the specific dpi you're looking for, you can take a look at these sites to determine the canvas dimensions you'll need (as our measurements are in pixels): https://www.pixelcalculator.com/ OR https://uproer.com/articles/image-size-calculator-px-in/
  2. You can change the size of your canvas dimensions in Over by tapping on the 'layers' icon (the one that looks like a stack of three papers) while you're working on your project. Then tap the 'bottom' layer and tap the numbers beneath 'Adjust Size' to be able to enter a custom size in pixels. 
  3. You can ensure a full resolution save of your project by tapping Export > Export Settinngs > PNG > Save. This will save a PNG to your device's Camera Roll
  4. We now have the option for you to export your design as a PDF 🎉
    (note: this is part of our Pro offering, so if you're not subscribed now is the ideal time to sign-up).
    PDFs are high quality - they preserve the quality of  images, across all devices, better than any other.
    Printers dig PDF - it's a printing-industry favorite because it's so reliable.
    To save your designs as PDFs: From your project tap Export > Export Settings > PDF > Save > Choose destination in any project.

Enjoy seeing your beautiful designs in the 3D 🚀

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