Selling Content Made with Over

You can absolutely use Over to make and sell content! It simply needs to be in accordance with our Terms of Use. 

Terms of Use

In summary, you're welcome to use the fonts, graphics and images* for both commercial and personal use. The limit for commercial use is 400 end units. So you're more than welcome to create a design (for a physical t-shirt or digital wallpaper, for example) and sell 400 of the product.

Just a note that you can't sell 400 T-shirts with a blue logo (using a Graphic or image from Over) and then change the color to red, and sell another 400. Each item (graphic, font, image, template from Over) can only be sold 400 times under the current Terms & Conditions.

We also refer to "unique implementation" in our Terms & Conditions. To put it simply, this means that you have taken the piece of content and created something unique instead of simply selling the font or graphic file as is. So, placing a graphic on a T-shirt, for example, creates an unique implementation.

You can read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use in their entirety here

*Images from Unsplash and Pixabay (Pixabay only available on iOS for now)

Google Images 

(only on iOS for now)

The Google images available in Over do not fall within our Terms & Conditions. Google maintains this service and we cannot guarantee that it will work perfectly or forever. Also, all images are subject to copyright. As such, if a user would like to use an image found through Google in Over for commercial or public use, it is their responsibility to contact the original artist/ photographer to negotiate a license for such use.

Extended License

If it looks like you'll be selling more than 400 copies of physical or digital designs created using content from Over, you’ll need to acquire the relevant Extended Licenses for the different elements used.

These are the steps we recommend you follow:

  1. Send us a copy of your design (screenshot, pdf...), so we can see what fonts or graphics you've used to
  2. Based on your design, we'll put you in contact with the designer/s of the elements you've used. (this will normally either be via a link to their Creative Market platform, or website)
  3. You can then negotiate/ purchase the extended license from them - so costs would vary depending on the designer/s.

Your Specific Situation

If you have further questions about your specific situation please send a detailed email to 

Enjoy! ✨

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