The Mask Tool is one of the amazing tools in Over that lets you "erase away" certain parts of your design. 

Follow these steps to create magic:

  1. In your project canvas, tap the element of your design that you'd like to use the Mask Tool on (like the "Aloha" graphic).
  2. Tap "edit" and scroll to the Mask Tool in the tool bar at the bottom of your screen.
  3. You'll now see four circles. The first 2 circles erase away, while the last 2 will bring back anything that you've accidentally erased.

Tip: Zoom in as close as possible to the areas you'd like to erase, making the circles more precise, and then alternate between the first 2 circles. (Use your fingers in a push and pinch motion to zoom in and out on the screen)

Whether you want to make your text look like it's coming out from behind a tree, for example, or you want to erase away part of an image, the Mask Tool can help you create some awesome effects!

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