Save as a Transparent PNG

 It's super easy to save your creation as a transparent .png in Over: 

  1. Add your content to the blank canvas. (In other words, don't choose a solid  background, so you can still see the gray grid of the canvas.) 
  2. Once your project is ready, tap the 'save/ export' icon and tap "Save to Photos".
  3. Alternatively, tap "Share" and swipe to "Save PNG"
  4. Both options will save your design as a transparent .png to your device's Camera Roll. 

Store your Logo or PNG in the 'Logos' area 

  1. Add your logo (or other .png) as a PNG to your device's Camera Roll. 
  2. Tap the 'Graphic' icon at the bottom of your screen while working in your project canvas in Over. 
  3. 'Swipe' to 'Logos' in the graphic pop-up that appears. 
  4. From here you add your logo, .png, or other images for quick and easy access. 
  5. Tap your logo or other image in 'Logos' to add it to your creation. 
  6. You can also access your logo or .png in 'Image' and then 'Photos'. 


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