Over can support high quality printing. We do have a few caveats and suggestions: 

  1. Depending on the specific dpi you're looking for, you can simply take a look at this site to determine the canvas dimensions you'll need: http://www.pixelcalculator.com
  2. You can change the size of your canvas dimensions in Over by tapping on the 'layers' icon (the one that looks like a stack of three papers) while you're working on your project. Then scroll to and tap the 'bottom' layer and tap the numbers beneath 'Adjust Size' to be able to enter a custom size.
  3. You can ensure a full resolution save of your project by tapping 'Save PNG' (not 'Save Image') when you go to save your design. Tap the save/ share icon at the top right of your canvas and tap "share" scrolling to "Save PNG" to ensure the PNG is saved to your device's Camera Roll.


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