Start a Project with a Solid Color Background

After some really great user feedback, we realised that, especially for free users, adding a solid background (which should be easy) was becoming very complicated 😢 So, we put our heads together to come up with a solution!

From version 5.8.0, following the below steps should make creating in Over much easier than ever before!

  1. In Over, tap the "+" at the bottom middle of the screen
  2. Here you'll now see the "Backgrounds" feature at the top of the screen, with a variety of options to start your project; an image from your Camera Roll, a Video or a transparent, white or black background.

3. Tapping the background you'd like to start with will let you select the canvas size, and then take you to your canvas to carry on designing from there.

Looking for a specific color background? No problem!

  1. Select the black or white background option
  2. Then select the canvas size you'd like to use
  3. Once in your project canvas, you can tap the white or black background, and tap "edit"
  4. Then, tapping the "background" icon at the bottom of the screen, you can then tap the rainbow color wheel to select the color you'd like to use 🌈

We hope this helps with your creative process! 

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