Save as a Transparent PNG

 It's super easy to save your creation as a transparent .png in Over: 

  1. Once updated to the latest version of Over, open the app and tap the Profile icon at the bottom right corner of the screen
  2. Here, tap the cog at the top right corner to enter the Settings menu
  3. Tapping the new option "Export Options" (shown below) you can set your default file format, and opt in to see the "Save As" menu, showing you different file types you can export from within Over.







4 . Back in a project canvas in Over, tap the export icon at the top right corner of the screen to now see the new options below:

5. Tapping "Save to Photos" should now save a transparent PNG (if your design has a transparent background) to your device's Camera Roll if you set that as your default like we have here.

6. Tapping "Save As" will show you other options to select from:

Store your Logo or PNG in the 'Logos' area (Over Pro feature) 

  1. Add your logo (or other .png) as a PNG to your device's Camera Roll. 
  2. Tap the 'Graphic' icon at the bottom of your screen while working in your project canvas in Over. 
  3. 'Swipe' to 'Logos' in the graphic pop-up that appears. 
  4. From here you add your logo, .png, or other images for quick and easy access. 
  5. Tap your logo or other image in 'Logos' to add it to your creation. 
  6. You can also access your logo or .png in 'Image' and then 'Photos'. 

Enjoy! 🎉

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