Do you find yourself using the same color palette for most of your projects? Or are you managing a few different Social Media accounts, all with different brand identities?

If so, our Color Palette feature is just for you 🚀

So, how does it work?

  1. In a project canvas in Over, tap on a text or graphic layer that you'd like to change the color of, and scroll to the Color tool.

2. Tap the upward facing arrow to the left of the screen to start saving Color palettes:

3. Tap "Save Palette" to name the color palette, and then tapping the 3 dots shown below let's you make multiple edits to the palette selected.

Default Color Palette

Selecting "Make Default" will set the current color palette as your default, making it the set color palette on any new projects you start - no more copying and pasting color codes between designs 🚀

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