We have a whole new tab aimed at making creating with Over even easier than ever before! We've called it ‘Discover’!

How many times has this happened to you? --> Open Over, start a new project and then...BLANK. What should I make? Which images should I use? What am I going to say??! So many questions. 🙈

Well, you know what? Blank no more, friends.

Discover Feed

The Discover feed is filled with ideas, advice, curated content, and tips on how to market yourself better, and design better. 

Now every time your mind draws a blank, just tap on the first tab icon and be inspired by the stories you see in Discover. We’ll be bringing you new stories every week from today onwards so you can look forward to fresh content and ideas that are relevant and on-trend. Cool, huh? 


Staring at a blank canvas can be quite overwhelming, but with Over you can create beautiful designs in 3 easy steps!

  1. Select a template that you like the look and feel of from our awesome template feed. Find it by tapping the icon at the bottom, second from the left corner of the screen. Don't worry if you'd like a different image or for the text to say something else - they're easy to customize!
  2. Make it your own! To change the text, simply tap the text layer and tap "replace". You can also change the font, color, size and position using the tools in the edit bar at the bottom of your screen. To change the image you can tap the photo and tap "replace". Now you can choose from your own images or those from the libraries Unsplash, Pixabay and Google.
  3. Share your design! By tapping the export icon at the top of your screen you can share your creation in a few ways. "Save to Photos" will save a PNG of your design to your device's camera roll. Tapping "share" will give you some more options like posting straight to your social media feeds and saving as a JPG with "Save Image". "Add to Circle" will let you share your design with friends, family members and colleagues who are members of the same Circle - making collaboration 100% easier! 
  4. You can also tap on "Export Options" in the Settings menu, in the Profile screen in Over, to set saving as JPEG as your default, or to be able to select JPEG 80% and JPEG 100% options 🎉

Watch our amazing tutorial videos to go through these steps in the app too!

Enjoy creating and remember to tag #madewithover on social media - we'd love to see your designs! 

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