We understand that starting a design from scratch can sometimes be overwhelming and, simply, just take too much of your time.

As such, our amazing team of in-house designers are constantly hard at work creating ready-made design templates for you to use. You can find the template feed by tapping the icon at the bottom of the screen, second from the left corner.

Here you can find all sorts of awesome designs just waiting for you to either use as is, or to customize with your own creative flair! 

Search for the perfect fit!

Looking for a birthday design for a friend? No problem! Simply search "birthday" at the top of the feed and select from the awesome designs that appear! A sale template for your online store? We've got you covered! 

Customizing a template

Once you've selected a template you like, you can customize it using your own images and wording. Simply tap the element you'd like to change and tap "replace" to update the text or image, or "edit", to adjust elements like color, size and image filter.

Collecting templates

Now you can collect templates and save them to specific Circles making them easy to find later on, and to organize according to theme. Simply tap the "+" on the template you'd like to save and specify which Circle you'd like it to be saved in. You can create a Birthdays Circle, for example, and save all Birthday Templates there so it's easier to use those designs when you need them.

Enjoy creating and exploring with the templates - we hope they make designing easier and a whole lot more fun! 

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