With Over Pro you get access to all of our creative tools and everything in our Content Library –– access to 100,000+ ready-made graphics, fonts & images. 

EVERYTHING is unlocked! 

This includes every tool, every font, every graphic, & every template currently available to our users. With more content being added literally every day. 

  1. Create with moving moments in time - that's right, you'll now have access to VIDEO! You can add a video background and change its color,  move, scale, and trim the video, remove the sound, add filters and adjust things like  contrast, brightness and saturation. We also have an exclusive library filled with high quality, royalty-free stock video, hand picked by our video team. 
  2. Planning ahead and saving time are things we all need to do more often. But it’s not always easy. Introducing post-scheduling! When exporting a project, some of you may notice the option to ‘Schedule.’ Using this feature will allow you to schedule a post to Facebook or Instagram straight from Over. Neat!
  3. We've started adding new fonts into the app, which are available to you as an Over Pro subscriber 🙌🏽
  4. In addition to new fonts, you are also able to add your own custom fonts from within Over with Over Pro. 
  5. All of the professionally designed templates are unlocked, and you're able to edit them as you please.
  6. All of the Graphic Packs are available to you, including the new packs added on a daily basis.
  7. The Shape Tool within the Project Canvas is accessible to you. 
  8. You have access to all of the images from Pixabay straight from within the app (not just your photos). 
  9. Print your design quickly and easily by exporting it as a PDF. You can activate this in your Settings under "Export Options". 

See our billing terms and conditions for more information.

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