Let’s talk about graphics. (furtive glance)

SURPRISE! (flings confetti in the air) 🎉

We’ve improved your graphics library!

You will now see:

  • A collected graphics shelf with the most recent ones displayed on the front, or
  • An empty state (if you decide to KonMari your collected graphics and start again)
  • Logos now display nicely on the logo shelf
  • Graphic elements that click through to their parent collection, and 
  • Some fixes that will make scrolling even scrollier. (What? That’s a word.)

While we’re on the topic of graphics…

Shoutout to the OG crew! (raises roof)

If you’ve been with us for a while (all the heart eye emojis), our last release saw an awesome update to the graphics picker (yay!). BUT, your previously purchased graphics were missing (nooo!).

They’re back now (yay!).

And speaking of bringing things back… 

“Where are the “help”, “settings” and “add” buttons”, we heard our Teams users shout. They’re back now, too. (d’oh)

Oh, and Team owners and admins can now invite new people to a private teams folder - adding them to your team, and the folder, in one go! 

Lastly, bugs we fixed (absolutely nailing this bug fixing thing this week):

  • Fixed the iPad split screen when viewing a story
  • Fixed a crash when searching with Unsplash or Pixabay

Until next time.

Your friends at Over 💛

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