Hi all

Hopefully you have noticed that the calendar is running super quick on the new servers. We have spent some time optimising it even further. We wanted to get a quick update out with some quickfixes we have been working on this week.

  • Fixed right click function in all areas.

  • Removed right click function from bookouts as it is un-needed.

  • Fixed an issue which made is so that when you do a bookout one person and use the 'OTHER' option, it doesn't carry through the text on all employees.

  • Fixed an issue with the service list sometimes not reading spaces.

  • Fixed an issue with some coding appearing when starting a search with the letter A.

  • Added in the ability to rebook 3 months.

  • A lot of you were complaining the point of sale system combined with a scrolling mouse is annoying, so we disabled scrolling on the POS.

  • We added an animation to the 'Balance Due' so your team are slightly more aware when a payment has been assigned.

  • Fixed an unavailable bookout dragging issue.

  • Fixed a design issue when moving your mouse to the very right column, it was difficult to read the text (the tooltip will now align left in the the last column).

  • If you are logged out the calendar will now redirect on refresh (rather than display a weird error).

  • The POS screen will now throw an error if you try to redeem an account balance that you do not have.

  • We have added the outstanding balance & available credit balance built into the point of sale screen so it is slightly more 'in your face'.

Enjoy! (as always, please CTRL+F5 when you login to ensure that you download the update correctly).

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