It was great meeting some of you at Aesthetic Medicine. We have made various improvements to the platform lately, and below are some of them.

We have also been working behind the scenes on creating a more effective way of tracking issues before they reach you guys. Important common issues are now tracked and posted to us automatically so we can fix them right away.

Change Log

- Voiding/Refunding a transaction will now remove any associated loyalty points.
- You can now view deactivated employees on reports.
- We have made it easier to filter reports, allowing for various new combinations (go check it out!).
- We have implemented the 'Finder' in your calendar on every other page so the interface will now be the new interface.
- Made various improvements to our Survey Feature.
- We have improved the design of the Financials tab so that each of your items are now itemized, and you can see them at a glance.
- We have added 'Retail' and 'Services' tabs to your financials.
- We decreased the height of treatment note forms.
- You can now add a referrer to contacts you have created and forgotten to add one against.
- We have added a close button to the Void/Refund feature.
- We added a new report 'Last Purchased'. This report works the same way as the last visit report, but we instead look at the financials (instead of the appointments).
- We have improved the buttons on the treatments so they now stick to the bottom of the form.
- Appointments now have a change log so you can see every single activity related to an appointment i.e when it was booked, who booked it, if it has been moved and more!
- We have moved the Marketing Opt ins above the more button, and made them selected by default.
- We fixed an issue when uploading photos from an iPad.
- We fixed an issue when rotating photos.
- We made various design improvements to the contact detail page.

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