Adding permissions to you new and existing staff members is easy with Pabau. Your are only clicks away from deciding who will get what permissions into your Pabau account.

1. Go to 'Staff' and now click on 'Staff Manager'.

3. From the left-hand side choose a staff member and click on 'Manage Permissions'.

When you go to Utilities, from the left-hand side menu, you can choose the role for that employee. Simply click Load and the permission for that person will be changed automatically.

The Manager security role is designed for someone who has the same rights as the Admin, except for editing communication, deleting communication, merging duplicate contacts/leads. The manager has limited access to reports and mobile permissions.

App Permissions:

User Permissions:

Functionality permissions:

Patient permissions

Read/Write Permissions:

Mobile Permissions:

Service Permissions

  • Include All Services

Reports Permissions

  • Limited Access to Reports

User Alerts:


*Note: All of the permissions can be customised manually when needed.

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