In Pabau you have the option to input a copy of your current treatment note instead of building a form.

This option should only be used if you are going to write in/on the form when using the iPad app.

The advantages of using EPaper are that you can save time by using an existing form and you can write over the form using your finger or EPencil.

The disadvantage of this would you would not be able to use merge tags nor export data from the form as you can in conventional treatment note forms.

To create an EPaper treatment note

1. Click on 'Setup'.

2. Here go to 'Data'.

3. Select 'Medical Forms'.

4. In the top right click '+New Medical Form'.

5. In the top box enter the name of the treatment note ('Form Title'),

In the second box select the Form Type as 'EPaper',

6. Regarding the 'Web Form Theme' button, read more about it when you click Here.

7. In the Select a Fields Type, click on EPaper and Upload Images/PDF.

Search your computer for the file you wish to use.

*Note: Please note this must be of JPEG format.

If this file is of a different format e.g. PNG, you should use an online PNG to JPEG converter, e.g.

If your current form is in Word or similar format then save as PDF.

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