*** Please see template file at the bottom of this article ***

* Please note the attachment is only a sample. Feel free to re-use the product names & category layout if you have similar products, but please do ensure your pricing are correct.

Feel free to request a copy from your supplier.

Begin by opening the spreadsheet template at the bottom of this page. It will serve you as a good example on how your products file should be completed..

Below is an explanation as to each column and how it should be populated:

  • Product Barcode - the barcode number can be found on the back/base of the product;

  • Category Name - the name/supplier of which the product belongs to;

  • Name - the name of your product;

  • Code - 

  • Size - e.g. 250;

  • U.M - units, e.g. ml;

  • Cost - the cost that you buy your product in at;

  • Price - the price in which you sell at;

  • Alert Quantity - this is the figure that you would class the stock item as being 'Running Low';

  • Max Level - this is the maximum figure you tend to stock of that item;

  • Quantity - the current number of products

  • SKU - secondary Barcode;

  • Website - this can either be a 1 or 0 value.


From the spreadsheet, you will be able to see what should the stock/products list template look like. Please open a new Microsoft Excel file on your computer, or the Mac equivalent, and complete the template based on our spreadsheet. Save it as a .csv file and upload it by clicking here.

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