*** Please see template file at the bottom of this article ***

* Please note the attachment is only a sample. Feel free to re-use the sample, but please do ensure your data are correct.

Begin by opening the spreadsheet template at the bottom of this page. It will serve you as a good example on how your contacts file should be completed.

Below you can see how the contacts should be grouped in. Feel free to come up with your own way of categorising the contacts, people tend to group it similar to the sample CSV.

  • Salutation

  • First Name

  • Last Name 

  • Email

  • Mobile

  • Phone

  • Address 1 

  • Address 2 

  • City

  • County

  • Country 

  • Post code 

  • DOB 

  • Gender

  • Notes

  • Group Tag 

  • Client ID


From the spreadsheet, you will be able to see what should the contacts list template look like. Please open a new Microsoft Excel file on your computer, or the Mac equivalent, and complete the template based on our spreadsheet. Save it as a .csv file and send it over to us for import.

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