*** Please see template file at the bottom of this article ***

* Please note the attachment is only a sample. Feel free to re-use the service names & category layout if you have similar treatments, but please do ensure your pricing & timings are correct.

** Please only include single treatments (not packages).

Begin by opening the spreadsheet template at the bottom of this page. It will serve you as a good example on how your service file should be completed.

We have a good video here which demos how to build your services list:

Below is an explanation as to each column and how it should be populated:

  • Service Name - the name of the service & how it is displayed within Pabau;

  • Time (Minutes) - the time in duration that the service will take;

  • Service Description - most of the time people leave this blank, but by adding a description will give descriptive text below the online bookings;

  • Category - this is the category that the service should be grouped in. You can come up with your own way of categorising the services, people tend to group it similar to the sample CSV;

  • Price - the price the service is sold at. If you have different price tiers for different employees, this price should be the LOWEST tier (i.e the very minimum the service is sold at by an employee);

  • After Gap - this will add additional time onto the end of the appointment (good if you are wanting to add a 10 minute gap after the appointment in order to allow leeway for online bookings);

  • Bookable Online? (1 or 0) - this allows you to set if you want the particular service to be able to be booked by clients online.


From the spreadsheet, you will be able to see what should the services list template look like. Please open a new Microsoft Excel file on your computer, or the Mac equivalent, and complete the template based on our spreadsheet. Save it as a .csv file and upload it by clicking here.

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