This was a very casual email that was sent to a client, and I thought it would be a good idea to post it as an article so that other people can learn how to make the most out of lead management:

Lead management: We have "lead manager" tab as one of our core features, here we can integrate new enquiries to come in from your website, facebook etc, and it will create them a profile, when you are ready to book this person in you convert them into a client and book them into the diary. Features of the lead profile include lead status, where you can move people into different status (which you create your own ones) you can also have email templates linked to each status, so for example "attempted to contact 1st" you can create an email to say " we attempted to call you today etc etc" and link that email template to the status so that when you change the status the email goes out automatically. You can also track form submissions and send manual texts and emails which are logged under communication.

Reports: With over 200 reports in the system there will a report for your needs, we have a lead report category, here you can run reports by status, or run open lead reports, converted reports, you can have any reports emailed to you automatically (daily,weekly,monthly) here you can track how many enquiries have come in vs how many have been converted into bookings and then adopt different marketing strategies if its not a high enough %, you can run last visit reports to see when people have not visited for 3 months 6 months etc.

Automatic Reminders: This is a great new feature available which allows you to automatically text or email people in the future, should you know you need to text someone in 3/6/9 etc months time to get them to come in for a follow up appointment, you set the template up in the setup area, then go into the profile or after a sale and setup the automatic reminder.

Marketing Applications: We currently have newsletter manager and sms campaign, you can create lists of clients through reports or import your own lists, then there is birthday mailer, referral tracker and loyalty campaign, you can also send out feedback forms after peoples appointments.

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