This report will give you a list of open treatment cycles.

Additionally, you will have information such as: Treatment Cycle #, Code, Treatment Cycle, Patient #, Client, Employee, Start Date, End Date, Appt Date, Appt Time, Service, and Location.

With this report you will have information about your clients that possess or not possess all of the mentioned above.


  • Treatment Cycle # - The number of the treatment cycle

  • Code - The code of the treatment.

  • Treatment Cycle - The type of treatment that is scheduled.

  • Patient # - The patient number.

  • Client - The name of the client

  • Employee - The employee who with perform the treatment.

  • Start Date - The start date of the treatment cycle.

  • End Date - The end date of the treatment cycle.

  • Appt Date - The date of the appointment.

  • Appt Time - The time of the appointment.

  • Service - The service/treatment that has been booked.

  • Location - The location where the treatment will be performed.

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