This report will give you a list of all appointments with each step of the Client Journey.

Additionally, you will have information such as: Appt Date, Appt Time, Patient name, Patient Id, Service, Created By, Checked Details, Med History, Consent, Treatment Notes, Aftercare, Prescription, and Location.

With this report you will have information about your clients that possess or not possess all of the mentioned above.


  • Appt Date - The date of the appointment.

  • Appt Time - The time of the appointment.

  • Patient name - The name of the client.

  • Patient Id - The ID of the clinet within the system.

  • Service - The service/treatment that was booked.

  • Created By - The employee who created the booking.

  • Checked Details - Shows if the client has filled in the details form on the journey.

  • Med History - Shows if the client has filled in the medical questionnaire on the journey.

  • Consent - Shows if the client has filled in the consent form on the journey.

  • Treatment Notes - Shows if there are treatment notes filled in on the journey.

  • Aftercare - Shows if the aftercare was sent to the client.

  • Location - The location where the treatment was performed.

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