This report will give you a list of bookings which have associated invoices.

Additionally, you will have information such as: Appt Date, Episode ID, Invoice No., Invoice Date, Client, Patient ID, Item Name, Price, Discount, Total, and Location.

With this report you will have information about your clients that possess or not possess all of the mentioned above.


  • Appt Date - The date of the appointment.

  • Episode ID - The ID of the booking.

  • Invoice No. - The number of the invoice.

  • Invoice Date - The date on which the invoice was initially opened.

  • Client - The name of the client.

  • Patient ID - The ID of the client within the system.

  • Item Name - The name of the sold item.

  • Price - The price of the sold item.

  • Discount - The discount that was made in that sale.

  • Total - The total amount of Price-Discount.

  • Location - The location where the treatment was performed.

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