An additional information for the SMS and Newsletter Campaigns.

You no longer need to run a report each time you wish to send an email or SMS campaign.

  • Changed our bulk SMS function to by opt ins

  • Changed our bulk Newsletter feature to filter by opt ins.

Please follow these steps:

  • click on the 'Marketing' icon

  • click on 'Newsletter Manager'

  • in the 'Dashboard', you can see the existing newsletter campaigns, as well as start new ones

  • when you want to create a new campaign, just click on the 'Start Campaign' button in the right upper corner.

  • now select to which recipients you will send this email. This list can be created by accessing the contacts list and selecting the clients or by running a specific report that will show you the wished contacts

  • after clicking on the recipients, scroll down to the list and you will see 'Predefined lists'

  • these are list of clients that have or have not their client notification for newsletter turned on

This new options are basically same for the sms campaigns as well.

Check the videos below on creating SMS and e-mail campaigns:

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