This report will give you a list of appointments grouped by their service name with the total count.

Additionally, you will have information such as: service name, employee, client, mobile, email, total appointments and location.

With this report you will have information about your clients that posses or not posses all/some of the mentioned above.


In this section you can choose how would you like the report to be previewed.

By clicking on the arrow on the left you can choose between 'Sort Ascending', 'Sort Descending' and 'Group by this Field' on the following:

  • Service - This is the name of the service item.

  • Client - The name of the client.

  • Mobile - The mobile phone number of the client.

  • Email - The email address of the client.

  • Total Appointments - The total number of appointments accumulated by the client.

By clicking the green + button you can choose any of the given additional fields that you want to include or filter in your report.

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