Here we will show you how to edit/send a template as a letter template in the client's card.

We have a great video on how to send a letter. Have a look.

First you need to go in the client's card and in the right top corner click on 'Create'. Here click on 'Send Letter'.

In the new window, you can select the letter template that you've previously created and create a subject and choose a recipient.

When you are done and you click on 'Save&Print' the system is going to automatically download the file to your computer.

By opening the file, you can type in any data in the letter template. As soon as you save it and you're happy with this letter, you can simply drag and drop in the client's communication tab and Pabau is going to attach this letter in this client's communication tab.

When you click on the magnifying glass on the right hand side, the system is going to automatically download the letter to your computer, and you can print it, edit it again etc.

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