Taking a Deposit

  1. From your Home screen click on Search for or jump to a client

  2. Search for the patient and open their Client Card

  3. Navigate to the Financials tab

  4. Click the icon at the bottom left to open the POS

  5. In the POS click on Account and add the amount of the deposit

  6. Click Apply when done

*You can associate this deposit with a service or not by either choosing an existing appointment from the pop-up or clicking None.

Another way to do this would be from the Calendar:

  1. Click this icon to open the POS

  2. Proceed with steps 5 and 6 like before to take a deposit.

Applying A Deposit To A Bill

1. Load your till screen by selecting a client within the calendar and clicking the ring-up button.

2. First select 'Payment'.

3. In the next step choose method On Account

4. Now proceed to select one of the available deposits for this client

  • Add payment - when you want to split the bill (for ex. half of it to be paid from client's account and half in cash)

  • Add Remaining - when the whole amount will be paid in one way only (cash/card/account)

    Your final step after this will be to click the Finalise button and generate the invoice.

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