You can easily setup an SMS campaign with Pabau by following this guide.

First thing to do when sending out an SMS Campaign is to generate a list of clients who you would like the campaign to reach out to.

Check out this guide on how to generate your List of Recipients.

1. Click on 'Marketing'.

2. Click on 'SMS Campaign'.

3. In the 'Campaigns', you can see the existing sms campaigns, as well as start new ones.

4. By clicking on 'Start Campaign', you can select a previously made list of sms recipients.

'Find people that have purchased a specific product / service' you can generate a list of clients who last purchased specific service/product, has made a booking between X and Y days ago, or filter clients that haven't booked related services with selected products again in the future.

5. When you click on the 'Setup' button, you can select the name for your campaign, choose a senders name or create new one by clicking the blue sign

, as well choose you objective.

In the Message screen, on the right side you can choose a template, for e.g. the Appointment Reminder.

Also, you can enter your own text, up to 160 characters, using the merge fields on the left side, such as [LASTNAME], which will link and enter the last name of the client who's receiving the text by default.

Finally, in the Confirm screen, you can take a look of the message, as well as the number of recipients, and send the campaign.

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