This guide will show you how to set up your Pabau to contact/reward your clients if they refer a new client to you. You can also set a message/reward for the new client.

1. Go to 'Marketing'.

2. Click on 'Referral Tracker'.

3. Click on 'Referral Setup' on the right-hand side.

4. Here, you can set the amount of the voucher you would like to give either side and alter the expiry date of the voucher.
Choose the voucher template. You do have a pre-made voucher template in the system, however, the option to create a new one is not excluded (to create a new one please go from Setup - Data - Template Archive - New Template - Voucher.)

5. Next thing to do is click on the 'Click here to set Referrer/Referee notifications' to check/alter the Email/SMS template that will go out.

6. Under the "Referral" tab, choose who you are going to reward and toggle the button to 'Enable' the Email/SMS Confirmation.

7. Enter the subject of your reward notification and choose the template you would like your client to receive from the "Select Template to Use."
If you haven't created a template yet, please follow this guide on How to Create a Referral Template.

Once you have created the template, go back in Setup - Data - Client Notifications, choose "Referral" on the right-hand side and choose the template for the corresponding confirmation.
When done, please hit "Save."

5. To record the referral, go to the new patients client card and underneath their name and Custom ID click on 'Referred By.'

6. By clicking on the "None" blue field, a dropdown will pop-up from which you should choose "Client Referral" and enter the name of the client who is the referrer.
This will trigger an automatic reward which you have previously setup.

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