End of Day Cashup Report

Some would say this is your most important report. By tweaking the filters at the top, you can easily generate a list of every sale that came through your business. You can tailor this report to generate sale information about nearly every one of your products or services.

Running a basic report.

1. Start by clicking the 'Report' icon. (the green icon in the top menu)

2. Now click the section of the report you wish to run (So for a finance report you would click the 'Finance' section, and then select the report you require).

3. You now need to filter the time-frame for the report you are running. You may quickly filter by Today, This Week or This Month. If you wish to go back months, you can click the 'From' & 'To' fields and define custom date periods.

4. Click on GO! from the right-hand side.

Daily Reconciliation Report (End-of-Day)

  • Once in the Reports section,

  • Click the 'Finance Reports' group.

  • sSelect 'Daily Reconciliation'.

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