Merging clients in Pabau is really easy. It is helpful if you've been using two similar accounts and wish to combine them into a single account.

We have a good video here which demos how to merge your duplicate client records:

1. Start by clicking 'Contacts'.

2. Now select 'Contact Manager'.

3. Here click on 'Merge Contacts'.

4. Proceed to search the clients name you wish to merge. Select the checkbox of the two names you wish to merge, then select the merge button.

5. You may now select the fields you wish to merge.

6. At the end click on 'Confirm & Merge Records'.

7. Another option to merge clients is when you open the client's card, on the left hand side it will notify you that you can 'Merge 1 other contact'. When you click on that button it will show you the two or more accounts with their basic details so that you choose what information to be included in the merged client card. Just 'Enable' the other account by clicking the enable button next to the ID number and choose the information you will need.

After you have chosen the details, click on the 'Merge' button in the down right corner

* Do note that all appointments, forms, etc. will be moved to the merged contact and only the general information will be removed.

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