When the nurse is going through the Pathway steps, there might be cases when they are unsure whether to continue or not with completing the pathway based on the information the client has provided. In this case it would be best to ask for a second opinion from the doctors who can approve these requests and this is why we need the PSDs feature.

Let's say we are completing the pathway now and we have arrived at the point where we are not certain. In order to request for a medical approval with the purpose of getting the information delivered to us from doctors who have access to approving/declining them, we have to click on 'Request Medical Approval' button found at the bottom corner of the pathway.


This will open a new window where we are able to enter the note.


Here you can proceed to type in any kind of question or information for which you would wish to receive the feedback.


After you're done entering the note, hit Save and the request will be sent to the doctors.

It will now ask whether you want to copy this text, if you want to paste it and send it privately to any preferred staff.


You will notice at the bottom right corner that the Request is now Pending and it will stay like this until one of the doctors takes action. In the meantime you can jump between the steps and edit other information if needed.


Once the doctor has issued the request, a notification will pop up in the bottom left corner of our screen, providing the information the doctor has written:


This will also change the status of the request in the bottom right corner.


If the request is declined, it will look like this:


After our PSD has been issued, we are able to check the PSD history at the client's card under the Pathway section.

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