It is important to add contraindications in order to withhold a certain medical treatment due to the harm that it would cause the patient. That's why setting up your contraindications is an important step.

To create a contraindication:

1. First click 'Setup' in the top right corner of your Pabau screen.


2. Now select 'Vaccine'


3. Click on "Contraindications"


This is where you'll find a list of any previously created contraindications.


4. To create a new one, click'+New Contraindication' in the top right corner.

This will open a window where we can add/edit the information about this contradiction.


Under the Condition section we can:

1. Set this contradiction to active/inactive

2. Select the Condition type which can be:

a) Medical condition - here we can select one or more medical conditions that when selected in the pathway, would lead to this contraindication.
b) Form Answer - here we can select a form and a question of the form that when answered with a specific answer, it will lead to this contraindication.
c) Age - here we can select a specific age that when selected, it will lead to this contraindication.

3. We can also give this contraindication a name.

Under the Trigger section we can:

1. Select a Medical Product that would trigger the contraindication.

2. Select a Service that would trigger the contraindication.

Under the Action section we can:

1. Type in the alert note that will display

2. If we select "Prevent moving forward" then if this contraindication occurs we will not be able to proceed with the pathway process.

After you are done editing the details, click 'Create' and your contraidndication will be added to the list.

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