The Advanced Marketing Package allows you to combine amazing marketing tools which will showcase your commitment to your clients, provide useful clients analytics and increase your teams' efficiency.

Why not having a system that integrates all these add-ons into one place and have an all-in-one CRM system?

What Features Do You Get with Advanced Marketing Upgrade?

100+ Newsletter Templates

You get 100+ ready-to-use templates for your marketing campaigns stored in your Pabau system!
The collection of items includes a wide choice of high-quality templates suitable for all kinds of creative newsletters and promotions.
With the Advanced Marketing Upgrade you can come across many striking pieces for your "St. Valentines Promotion" or "Christmas Offer Campaign" that will save you precious time in designing it all by yourself.

Zapier Integration

Zapier is the easiest way to automate your work and one of the most used tools nowadays.
Create Zaps and establish an automated workflow that connects your favourite apps and services!
With the Advanced Marketing Upgrade you will be able to integrate Zapier with Pabau and that way establish an automated connection between Pabau and your most used apps. Again, saving you time in your busy work schedule by transferring information between different platforms. You'll love it!

Facebook Integration

One of the many platforms you can connect Pabau with by using Zapier Integration is Facebook. With advanced marketing you can get both Zapier and Facebook and use them to target future clients and fans through powerful facebook ads, convert leads or make the booking process for your dear clients handy by allowing them to book via your Facebook page!
With Facebook ranking highest in lead generation (82%), this could be your key to driving leads!

Unlimited Newsletters

Promote your treatments and products and reach to as many clients as possible with the unlimited newsletter campaigns that come up with the Advanced Marketing Upgrade!
Combine the 100+ pre-built Newsletter Templates with this add-on and use them to increase your company's profitability.

Mobile Surveys

Get the Mobile Surveys add-on with your Advanced Marketing Plan and ask your clients to rate their recent experience with you - and all that automatically!
The Pabau survey tool will help you to collect responses through smartphones and tablets which will improve your communication with clients.
Our tool does all the technical stuff, you only have to think about the right questions to ask!


Push data from one app to another and get notified when a new event occurs!
A new contact has been created or a new lead has just enquired - get a third-party app notify you of all the events simply by using Webhooks.
This is a great tool that will help you get on top of things even with a busy schedule.

Google Review Integration

We all know how important Google Reviews are no matter if you are establishing a new business or maintaining a leadership position in an industry.
Quality Google Reviews are just one component of the advanced marketing package which will allow clients to rate their experience and share it on your Google page. The best thing out of it is that you can customize which reviews will go on Google (4+ stars reviews.)

As we continue to expand our platform, we are now investing time in more advanced features which will be found in add-ons. You will always receive all of the features that you had in your initial demo within your current monthly subscription. However, if you would like to take advantage of our new premium features, such as advanced marketing, the monthly price will increase depending on what add-on's you sign up to.

You can turn advanced marketing on by visiting Setup > Help > Advanced Marketing

There is a 30-day free trial so that you can decide if it is something you wish to continue with. We don't require any upfront payments and you can cancel it anytime. In addition to this, we have a bunch of helpful guides to help you gain the greatest possible advantage from Advanced Marketing! Prices will depend on your subscription type and these will be confirmed to you when you activate.

Our team will be happy to help you set the features up within Pabau - just reach out to us on Live Chat!

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