Below you can discover how to change any details in your Invoice Template.

1. First select the 'Setup' tab.

2. Now select 'Settings'.

3. Now select the 'Invoice Settings' icon.


Here you can create a new Invoice Template or you can update the previous one.

5. When you click on the Edit button, you will access the General Style of the template. Here you can choose whether this template will be a set as Default Template and also you can select the colour of the text and the table. Also, check out the different styles for your template.

6. In the Activity tab you can design the centre of the invoice.

7. In Appearance you can change the size, placement, font and margins of your templates inner architecture with only a few clicks! This functionality will be really handy for situations when you would like your personal logo to be visible throughout Pabau.

8. In the Payment Information tab you can choose the payment information that will appear in the Invoice. This can be easily enabled or disabled.

9. Choose what type of company or client information will be included in the final invoice template. If you are already a registered client with a specific Pabau name, don’t worry, you won’t have to fill these fields again – everything will be auto-generated!

10. Feel free to enter a message that will appear in the invoice for you clients. Or a message regarding your company.

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