Most packages need to be pre-made and then sold to clients. Here is a guide on how to do that.

But for some clients you might need to do a custom package just for them.

Here is how to do that.

1 .Go to the "POS (Point of Sale)"

  • Either thru the Green Create Button

  • Then Sale

Or in the Calendar

  • By clicking the POS button in the top left

2 .Once in the POS select the client/customer at the top

3. Then click Packages

4.Then under Package Sale Type choose "Custom Package"

5 .This will open up some new options, the first you need to fill in is the Package name

6.Then you need to select the Service connected to this Package

  • Once you start typing the services you offer will appear in a drop down so you just need to select the one you want

*Note that you have to select a service from the Drop down of services already in your business you can't put in a different name/make a new service from here.

7 .Once you have selected the service you can amend the Quantity and the Price

*If you don't amend the price it is calculated form the service price and multiplied by the number put in Quantity

8.You can add another service by clicking on the + below

Then remove it if you wish by clicking the red X below it

9 .Once you have set it up to your liking click "Apply" at the bottom right

10 .Then "Payment"

11 .Put in the payment amount and click Add Payment

12.Click "Finalise"

Now you have successfully sold a custom package and it will appear in the client card under packages and you can book and redeem the sessions.

Here is a guide on how to redeem package sessions.

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