Many times all the forms you have share many questions and characteristics so it is easier to make a copy of an old form and simply amend it.

Here is a guide on how to do that

1 ."Setup"

2 ."Data"

3 .Medical Forms

4. Then next to the form you want click Clone Form

5 .This will give you take you to a new screen where you will have three options

  • What the name of the new form will be

By default this is the original form with the word (Clone) at the end

  • Where this form needs to be cloned

For cloning in your own clinic it need to be set to Clone Here

Here is a guide on how to clone in another clinic.

  • If the old form needs to be removed

I suggest this be set to No

6 .Then Just click Clone Form

After that the form will appear with the other Medical Forms in Setup>Data>Medical Forms

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