Here is a guide on how to update the stock level on an already existing product.

Go to

1 ."Setup"

2 ."Data"

3 ."Products"

4 .Select the Product Category you want by clicking on its name

5. Once in the category select the Product you want to update by clicking its name

6 .Once you have opened the Product you can update the quantity by clicking here

  • You can select the Location

Under this you can also see the current stock of this product in each Location

  • You can also adjust the current Stock Quantity you have by clicking on the arrows next to the number

7 . Once you have put in the Location and Current Stock Level by clicking Quick Update this will be applied in the system

*If the Quick Update Button is greyed out and you can't click it that means that you don't have sufficient permissions to edit stock

Please go to Staff->Staff Manager->Select the Staff->Manage permissions->User Permissions->Make Sure this Permissions are set to "Yes"

8. A green pop up will appear in the top right corner if this has been successful

  • You can see all the stock adjustments and movement for this product in the window above, the Date and Staff that was logged in when it was done

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