In Pabau we do not have a specific setting that allows you to clone a email template but there is a handy trick that you can use that does the job wonderfully.

First you need to open up the Template you are cloning.

1. Go to "Setup"

2. "Data"

3. "Template Archive"

4. Edit next to the name of the template on the left

5.Once in the template click Tools

6. Source Code

7. This will open up a new window with the Source Code

8. Select all of the data inside and copy it

9. Then go back to the Template Archive and click New Template in the right side

10. In the same place where you copied the source code delete any code already there and copy the one from the Template you want to copy

11. This will copy the Template so you can amend anything you want and Save Template in the left lower corner and that will do it

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