Rota Templates are a great tool to help you when making shifts for your Staff and save a lot of time as you just select the appropriate template and don't have to make all the shifts manually.

Here is how to set up the templates.

1. Go to "Setup"

2. "Data"

3. "Rota Templates"

4. Here you can see all the ones you already have and the details for them

5. To make a new one click +New Rota Template

6. First you need to Make this Rota Active by making the toggle green and give it a Name

7. After that you need to add the Start and End time which refers to the working hours that the Staff will work in a day

8. Then tick all the days that the Staff will be working those hours

9. Click Create Rota template at the bottom to save

10. You can then use this Rota template when making a shift to automatically fill in the added information

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